Do people listen to certain genres in China?

Do people listen to certain genres in China?

Like any country the most popular music is from its own artists and type of music specific to that country. In this respect China is no different, the most popular music in China is from its own artists in Chinese. What sets China apart is the fact that outside cultural influences are a rather new phenomena which creates an unusually large consumption of world music. Pop music still reigns as the most popular, this is in respect to anything  typically: new, lyrical, melodic, beat driven, catchy, with a simple harmonic and song structure. 

Other popular genres are: Independent, Ambient, Soundtrack, Childrens', Classical, rap/Hip Hop, singer songwriter, EDM, Rock, Country, Jazz and more. 

With 1.4 billion people living in China there is room and niche for your kind of music.
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