How much money can I expect to make in my first set of royalties/statistics?

How much money can I expect to make in my first set of royalties/statistics?

You can expect to make as much from the Chinese services as anywhere else. It depends on the popularity of your music, on which service your service was streamed and by the type of listener, a subscribing user or a non-subscribing user. You still get royalties from non-subscribing users, but royalties generated from subscribing users is much greater.

It is often that without promotion you may not see any streams or royalties in your first quarter and so it may take a while longer for your music to accumulate streams. It is also true that music without promotion gets picked up and accumulates streams and revenue right away.

Like with other streaming services you will not receive a report if your music hasn't accumulated any streams and there is nothing to report.
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      The pay per stream varies greatly from one streaming service to another. In addition, the royalty rate varies depending on the type of listener as well (V.I.P. listeners/paid subscribers vs. Free listeners). Once the royalties are calculated, you ...
    • How are royalties calculated?

      As each DSP has their own method for calculating payment per stream, we can only guarantee that the payment will meet the Chinese industry standard. Musicinfo pays you 85% of all royalties received from the DSP's.
    • When will I be able to access my listener statistics and collect my royalties?

      Once your music has been successfully uploaded to our platform, we will review the content then send it to the Chinese streaming and media services. It takes about 4 weeks for your music to go live in China. The statistics are calculated on a ...
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    • How do I withdraw my earned royalties?

      You would withdraw your royalties with an invoice from your PayPal account. Please send a message to and we will send you the invoicing instructions. You can see the instructions here but you would still need to send an email ...