What is the difference between Social Media Promotion Social Media Promotion pro?

What is the difference between Social Media Promotion and Social Media Promotion pro?

Social Media Promotion is for the promotion of media to Weibo and Red XiaoHungShu, and the artist can only use up to 100 words max. as a description for the post. With this promotion you can promote either a video OR a music link. Photos can be added as well.

For Social Media Promotion Pro, the media is promoted to Wechat and Weibo with a max of 500 words that can be used as a description for the post. With this service, you can promote a music link AND a video link. Photos can be added as well.

(Note: Only music or videos that are on Chinese platforms Can be promoted. Platforms like youtube, vimeo, facebook, itunes, spotify, deezer, google play, and so on are either banned, non-existent, or not as popular in China.)

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